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General questions


There is no need to know anything about Betfair or even gambling in general. I have laid the guide out so anyone can understand it, and the entire Betfair setup is explained from top to bottom. Provided you have the internet and at least one hand to use the keyboard and a mouse, you're in luck - and you can literally stake make thousands within minutes!


I do guarantee the system will turn a profit with patience and practice (that's all I will ask of you), and will offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the guide. This can be redeemed at any time, but be prepared to give it time, especially if you are new to Betfair. I would hate to see people give up on something I have my put my heart into.

I can also point out that I make an average of £400-700 per week £550-800 per week (I now make even more with the tricks I have only just learnt, the same ones in my updated package) for less than an hour's work, and have trained up two of my friends on the system. Both work from home for only a few hour's effort, and have told their bosses what they think of them! If it works for them, it should work for you.



I have hundreds of shots, and here is a quick glance to see what kind of money you could be making within minutes!

Please return to the main page to review multiple screenshots proving the system's profitability.


Short answer: everything you need to copy a £100-200 per day trader and start earning!

EasyTrader is a unique trading system, developed after months of trial and error. The latest version of Easy Trader Pro is a massive package, totalling over 200 pages, and with 30 minutes of training videos.

Unlike many existing guides, the system isn't being used by thousands of other punters, so I have a daily advantage over the market that I have been milking for the last few months. I have now decided that I would like to release the heavily updated system to the general public, and would like to sell a few copies to test the water.

The system has several key components. The first of which is the Easy Trader Pro core manual, which I first sold via classified ads for £169. This part of the system relies on you spending a few minutes in the morning, and then another few minutes throughout the day to check on and close your trades. We are looking to open a trade by backing a horse that fits out guidelines at a high price, and then laying it a lower price. Here is an example of such an opportunity:


Real example of Easy Trading!

We back at A, lay at B and take a guaranteed profit. You can do this 22 hours a day if you let me show you how.

All made easy with the information in your Easy Trader Pro package. You could be doing it in minutes in fact.

Make trades like that five times a day, and...Can you say, "Goodbye, day job"

You can see that if we had backed the horse at point A for £200 and at odds of 2.50, and then laid the horse at point B, at odds of 2.16, we would have a free £68 bet if the horse was to win, and we would break even if the horse did not (calculations explained later - for now just know that you have a free bet of £68).

This may not sounds like much, but the amounts do soon add up, especially when you see the system working, and you can start to build up your own bank with confidence. Imagine five £68 per bet, and then add the masses of cashes I make from my other methods in the pack... and you get the picture.

The core system is setup to allow us to find, enter and exit such trades at the right time. In the above example, the horse actually swung in the opposite direction just before the off, and I was able to open another trade in the opposite direction, laying first and then backing at a higher price.

In one hour in front of the computer I made more than I did in a day at my last job.

The system teaches you how to spot such £50-100 opportunities, of which there are typically several each and every day.

The EasyTrader system is intended to be as low maintenance as possible, so you don't need to be sitting in front of the computer all day.

The package also includes my Weight of the Money system - never released before. This is built to get you out of your job even if you have a tiny amount of capital. The WOM addition to the pack caused a huge storm when it was released, and I wanted to make things even easier and more profitable... which is why I didn't stop there!

I have updated this guide and added a special bonus report (how to trade on the British horse races), which is brand new as of May 2006! This is means I come from Betfair trading from every angle, so you have multiple ways to profit - the same ones that I profit from.

The guide also includes my In Play Profits, for trading profitably on the in running markets. You will never find this information anywhere on the web - but if you don't know about the in running market, you are missing out on a big chunk of cash everyday. Let me show you how I milk the in running markets on Betfair for all it's worth!

Now the system even includes a guide for trading on the football - not just British Premier League, but all leagues too. The world's best trading system just got better!

The guide also comes with a full introduction manual, so you can get started quickly, and keep the important issues accessible and starting earning the same night!

If that isn't enough for you, I have also included over 30 minutes of training videos for step by step instruction - so you can see how I profit in live time!

There is simply not a more comprehensive guide for profiting from Betfair - quickly, and simply... no matter what your experience is. So I suggest you read on, it gets better.


The guide normally retails for £169 via limited run mail order and classified ads. However, I have decided to list a limited number of copies at a low price of £80 £60 £54.99 £47.

This is less than one third the usual price, and I am constantly reviewing my prices - I intend to raise the price back to £169 (which is the industry average) sometime this week, possibly sooner. If not, I will may even decide to remove the website, and the only place you will be able to buy the guide is when we decide to run other direct marketing campaigns. In either case, you would be wise to snap it up now, preferably before the competition does!



Why not? On an average race, several hundred thousand pounds are matched, and unless you are planning on trading with an exceptionally large bank, we will probably not notice each other. I might as well make money from selling and using this guide, and you can make money by using it too. That way we can both profit - why not? If the market wants to catch up, they can buy the guide. If not, we can both turn a profit with no effect on one-another's margins. Of course, if selling the guide to you hurt my profits, I would not even consider selling it..


Yes, I developed the system over several months, and own the copyright to it. The manuals are completely unique, in marked contrast with other guides on the market. Easy Trader Professional is simply unique, and you will never see anything like it. Ever. You will not find anyone else selling this system, except via our other marketing campaigns, where the guide sells for the full retail price of £169.


Firstly, it is not a laying or a backing system, but a trading system. In other words, you are not aiming to make £200 one day, and then lose £200 the next. It is this variability in day-to-day profits that we are looking to avoid. I remember my very first laying system. I thought it was great until I encountered my first losing streak. It is these kind of losses I aimed to avoid like the plague when drawing up EasyTrader.

Our goal is to start with a small bank, and compound it over time until we are able to start drawing a wage from our gradually increasing returns. Our motto is small amounts, consistently. This is the safest path to financial independence.

The system takes advantage of changes in the price of horses, so we are able to take a guaranteed profit if the horse wins.

For example, say we backed a horse at 2.5 for £100; our return if the horse wins would be £250. However, we would lose our £100 stake if the horse did not. If we were able to lay the horse later at a price of, say, 2.0, we would make £100 if the horse lost, and lose £200 if the horse was to win. In other words, if the horse won, we would take a guaranteed profit of £50, but if it lost we would break even.

This is a heavily simplified version of true events, but that's a general breakdown of a usual trade.

Most trading systems focus entirely on the weight of the money on the British horse races as an indicator of possible price movement. The problem with this is that it is simply one short term indicator, and one that thousands of other traders are using, and if we are to reduce our risk exposure and increase our profits we want to find clusters of positive indicators, or at least be more selective about the kind of trades we open.

This all means that we are going to need an edge (their methods worked a few years ago... but not any more. Not true for the Easy Trader package). This added edge is what separates EasyTrader from the competition.

The package now includes multiple training guides, so you can trade profitably on different markets - but you must know how to do it, and those other guides simply don't tell you the truth. I cover every angle, showing you how I make a tax-free £100-200 per day, so you can copy my methods instantly.

It sounds simple, but in practice that is not easy to find in the competitive world of exchanges, and you need a reliable, cash-busting system that the competition doesn't know about yet - that's where EasyTrader Professional comes in.


Ordering questions

Our orders are handled by Nochex and Clickbank.com - both are trusted, secure payment providers. Nochex are our preferred payment provider for all UK debit and credit cards. Clickbank accept several payment options including Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. I can also accept manual payments by Paypal and cheques / postal orders (on request - please use the quick contact function at the base of the page).

If you receive an error or any kind of problem when attempting to order, please contact us by clicking here (choose the submit ticket option and just enter your details). We will respond as quickly as possible.

Post order questions

There is a very good chance that the problem is a codec issue - and you need to download two files - the TSCC codec and VLC player. In almost every case, this will resolve the problem. You can download both files here. If that does not work, please contact us via the support ticket at the bottom of the page.

When you order the package, you will receive an invoice from Nochex or clickbank, our payment providers. Inside this invoice is a link that can used to access the pack in case your download was interrupted. If you have not received this invoice, there is a very good chance that your order was not processed and you should attempt a second time. If the problem persists, or you are sure you ordered but did not receive access instructions, please use the contact us function below and we will respond as quickly as possible, typically within a few hours.



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